Here is what Foxhound Bee Company is all about

We are in Birmingham, Alabama and we are small-like we are a team of two. And the two of us love honeybees and their little hardworking, never-say-never, keep-your-nose-to-the-flower passion. We have that same passion for connecting you with their world through teaching, building, and hands-on tours. We can provide you with the tools needed to get started in taking care of your very own bees. We sell all the gear and tools a beginner beekeeper would need as well as the frames, boxes and all the other equipment bees live in. Naturally, there are always questions on how to get started, so we offer classes and mentoring throughout the year.

We sell our supplies through our online store where we can ship nationwide or if you are driving through Birmingham, Alabama, you can pick up your order when it’s ready. We also sell supplies through our Amazon store. Not all the supplies we have on Amazon are available through this website and vice versa, so make sure you check out both.

The equipment we sell is very high quality and will work very well for you and your bees. Our beekeeping supplies are made from Cypress wood which is the ideal wood for beehives because of it’s long lasting rot resistant quality. Besides selling equipment, we have worked hard to source high quality tools, beekeeping suits, feeders and all our other equipment. We don’t sell everything you would need, but what we do sell, you won’t be disappointing with.

Besides selling beekeeping supplies, we also believe in teaching good beekeeping and educating the public about how great honey bees are. We really enjoy teaching and find ourselves sharing our knowledge about bees and beekeeping whenever we can. We understand there are many ways to take care of honeybees and do our best to help you find the way that works best for you. We offer a variety of classes that you will find helpful .

If you are interesting in beekeeping or how bees work, join us for one of our classes. We offer 3 types of classes ranging from 1 1/2 hours to a full day. We want to do our best to teach you about honeybees and prepare you for beekeeping if you are interested. Even if you just want to have a fun date and open up a hive, you can do that with us. We put a lot of work into our classes and know that you won’t be disappointed.

Adam's great-grandfather kept honeybees in North Carolina, moving from place to place to follow the Sourwood bloom. He passed away long before Adam took any interest in keeping honeybees, but he was still the spark that started Adam's passion for beekeeping. His old leftover beekeeping equipment made its way 600 miles south to Adam's previous home in Florida. Adam saw that old equipment and was immediately hooked with what would later develop into a business he loves, where he gets to serve, teach and share beekeeping with you. Adam is a certified Master Beekeeper and was certified by the Eastern Apicultural Society.

Adam Hickman

Adam Hickman.jpg

Beekeeping is a real passion for Adam, a dream inspired during childhood and made into reality during his mid-twenties. Beekeeping combines a lot of Adam's loves into one: designing, woodworking, food, sunshine, and some sweat equity. It takes a special type of crazy to pursue beekeeping, and Adam has it. Other than beekeeping, Adam is a food guy and a trained chef from Johnson & Wales. He has built a career developing recipes for the nations largest food brands in print and digital formats.

Facts about me

  • I'm seriously competitive, but I keep it all inside until I need it (which is rarely)

  • Germany was my home for me 7 years as a kid, Ich speche ken deutsch

  • I am a slurpee snob, icee's, slushies and slush puppies are inferior

  • I taught myself to change brakes, alternators, and axles with youtube

  • I once biked across the state of Florida in one day

  • Friends really love when I make guacamole, it's all in the technique

  • Half the reason I like going to baseball games is to catch foul balls

  • I know a lot of weird facts about marine life thanks to Steve Erwin

  • I've dressed as a stick of butter for halloween; sitting was a slippery situation

Stephanie Hickman

Runner by early morning, physical therapist by day, and make-it-happen go-getter by night (as long as it happens before 9 PM). When she isn't downloading music or showing off her (un)natural ability to spew out Destiny's Child songs word for word, she's working on her fitness or making peoples lives better through PT.


A 1994, 4Runner and she was called "The Chariot," I wish I had another one.


With my parents in 6th grade; I was really embarrassed during the "car scene"...


            Gadsden, Alabama was home for me, and I left in 2005 for college at UAB in Birmingham, Alabama (Go Blazers).


Pots of coffee, waffles with lots of syrup, running, and Downton Abbey

Finn Round.jpg


This is Adam and Stephanie's Dog, Finn the Foxhound. He is the official mascot of Foxhound Bee Co, even though he doesn't care. Finn is not so keen on honeybees and has taken a few licks from the business end of a honeybee. But for some reason, he loves to try and catch (read eat) errant honeybees... Stephanie and Adam walk the line between trying to prevent it, and letting him learn his lesson. So far, he hasn't learned anything...

Things Finn likes: tennis balls, staring down the neighbors Chihuahua, hide-and-go-seek, trying to get to a squirrel before it gets to the tree, stretching, and balancing dog bones on his nose.

Things Finn doesn't like: crate time, vacuums, actually getting to the squirrel before it gets to the tree, drinking too much pond water, honeybees, being left alone, and balancing bones on his nose for more than 2 minutes. 

Adam and Stephanie married after college at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, several years after locking eyes from across the volleyball court. Today, they don't play a lot of volleyball anymore, but have traded it for kids and other hobbies. They live in Southern Birmingham with their kids and pup. As receivers and believers in Jesus Christ's ability to save, Stephanie and Adam meet with their church in Homewood, Alabama at Christ Fellowship Church.  If in Birmingham, you are invited and welcome to visit Christ Fellowship.