Serving Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi and the rest of the US, we want to be your beekeeping equipment supplier. You won't be disappointed with our quality.

All of our Langstroth equipment is made from 7/8-inch thick Cypress wood and is over 14% thicker than the average, inexpensive 3/4-inch light weight pine wood equipment. The thicker wood creates a better hive, providing better insulation during the winters and durability over years of use. Frame rests are thicker, preventing breakage and hand holds are deeper and easier to grab with gloved hands. Our bee hives have tight growth rings with the naturally present wood preservatives. When you buy our equipment, you get quality, straight pieces that will last you and your bees decades. All of our equipment is compatible with standard 3/4-inch thick equipment and maintains the standard internal dimensions all Langstroth equipment use.


Our suits are designed for the beekeeper with an extra opening in the veil and longer jackets that won’t ride up. We strive to supply high quality essential beekeeping equipment to help you become a better beekeeper. We have beekeeping jackets, suits, smoker, tools and feeders. All the essentials to make you a better beekeeper.

My son, eat honey, for it is good, Yes, the honey from the comb is sweet to your taste
— Proverbs 24:13

The honey from our bees, along with all the other products our bees share with us are never taken with excess. We work hard to take care of our bees first, then from their excess, we share their work with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Learn more about and shop from the bees here. Check out our very very comfortable jersey tees or our own postcards that would be perfect to send to a friend. Give them something one of a kind you can't buy off of Amazon. 

Beekeeping can take a lot of time, preparation and expenses. We have designed a few tools to make your hobby more fun and help you spend more time with your bees. Our swarm lures will bring the bees to you and our frame and box assembly tools make getting ready for your bees a snap. We are proud of our tools and use them ourselves. Let us make beekeeping easier for you.