Antique Beekeeping Books

I would love to get my hands on some antique beekeeping equipment. Not the big stuff, but the little things that are reasonable to collect. I wouldn't like the idea of storing and toting around a big antique honey extractor that I couldn't even use. 

Until I get my hands on some some cool antique beekeeping pictures and materials, I can settle for the easier things. The low hanging fruit are the digital versions of old beekeeping books. It is really surprising how many beekeeping books have been digitized, hundreds are available from all over the world. You can't exactly cozy up to them and flip through them in bed, but they are worth looking at. 


Excerpt from ABC of Bee Culture 1877


These books have a lot of really great information from a time when beekeeping was common practice. Pictures from these books show hundreds of hives, scattered across the country side. Far from how the majority of bees are kept today. It is too much information to read through, but the yellowed pages of these scanned pages and the beautifully drawn images make me want to get my hands on a real copy. A 137 year old book is cool on its own, but the fact that its an encyclopedia of information on beekeeping as well, makes it awesome. 

Currently as I write this, there is 1895 printing of The ABC of Bee Culture for $389.00 on Ebay. I'm still gonna holding out for that estate sale gold mine I think about.

To get your "hands" on your own free downloadable copies, check out these websites (in order of favorites):

Gutenberg project

You can download these onto a e-reader as well as your computer

Happy Beekeeping