Flow Hive: The beekeepers take on all the buzz

There's a lot of buzz about this new product called the "Flow Hive". If you havn't seen it yet, here is your chance. Watch and listen to their pitch.

So what do you think? I think it's a pretty cool idea.

But there has to be more to it. I know there is more to it, not because I have used one, but because I'm a beekeeper and it gives me a some insight into how bees work.

Non-beekeepers are getting excited about the prospect of plopping bees into a box,  and opening a tap to to get your fresh honey.

They need to slow their horses, for their sake and the bees sake. Unfortunately, bees are more likely to die than they are to make extra honey for you to tap into. 

Tapping a hive and expecting honey is the equal to screwing a tube into an apple tree to get fresh, pure, strained apple juice. Common sense should tell you there is more to it. 

Did you know that beekeepers are taught not to take any honey from their bees during their first year?

It's because, contrary to popular belief, honey bees make honey for themselves and not for us. It is a huge effort for bees to get to a place where they can afford to share their honey with you. To rob it before they have their share of honey for survival is bad beekeeping.

If the Flow Hive encourages more people to keep bees, i'm all for it. If the flow hive encourages the public to expect fresh honey at the turn of a dial, i'm not excited for all the prospective bad beekeepers coming out of the woodworks.

I appreciate a well thought out design and the Flow Hive has one. I'm excited to see it live and look forward to their Kickstarter. I hope the Flow Hive is worth all the buzz it is getting, and I hope the best for it's inventors.

There are a lot of flow hive options available online right now and the prices have come down a lot.

Happy Beekeeping