Auburn Spring State Beeekeeper's Meeting

In Alabama, we have 2 state meetings where a lot of beekeepers get together to learn about what we love, honeybees. It's strange how different the backgrounds beekeepers come from.

I learned today about a beekeeper in Alabama who was paralyzed and wheel chair bound. He kept bees in a extra long top-bar hive, low enough that he could manage on his own. He also would travel around the southeast to beekeeper clubs and area meetings, giving talks on how to keep bees as paraplegic. As I have said before, the ingenuity of beekeepers is amazing.



At these state meetings, beekeepers and soon to be beekeepers pick and chose the talks they want to hear. Did I mention there were nearly 800 beekeepers at this meeting! Talk of the day goes to Roy Smith from Florida Panhandle. Can't find his website, but he's the real deal. 


Walked into his packed class and he had 30+ different jars of honey from all over the US. Its amazing how many different types of honey there are. His talk was about tasting and teaching others how to taste honey. He had a couple that he called, "The Cadillac of honey, the champagne of honey, the Lincoln of honey". I liked those comparisons, despite the obvious biases.  He is from where Tupelo honey is made.

Cadillac = Tupelo Honey 

Champagne = Fireweed Honey

Lincoln = Sourwood Honey

I chatted with him as we passed in the hallway and he was jazzed to talk about honey. It's good to see a person's passion boil up to the surface, it's good for the soul.

Happy Beekeeping