5 Reasons You Need a Hive Scale

Hive scales have become fairly popular lately and for good reason. It would take years of beekeeping to develop the skills required to gather the same information a hive scale will give you.

Over the course of a few reading, you can gather the data needed to estimate what is happening inside the hive without having to open it. How cool is that? No need to inspect the colony to figure out how much honey is left or if they are brining in nectar from nature.


Simple hive scale setup on backyard langstroth hive


Here are 5 reasons you need a hive scale:

  1. You'll learn your local flower blooms and how they effect your bees

  2. Learn how much honey your hive can produce and how much you can harvest

  3. Know if your bees are going to starve during the winter, before its too late

  4. Know if your bees have swarmed while you were away and how it effects production

  5. Have a great answer with details for people who ask "How are your bees?"

I had so many questions when I started beekeeping and it was difficult to get a straight answer. The holy grail of beekeeping information is knowing the local schedule, seemingly held tightly by the "old-timers".

A graph created from a hive scale's data would have made starting beekeeping so much easier for me. 2016 will be my 5th year beekeeping and now am able to collect all that information myself. As I collect it, i'll share that information with you so you can use it.

Beekeeping is hard enough, so let's work together so we can both be successful.

Screen shot for hive scale

For up to date hive scale data, check this page out

Happy Beekeeping