10 Gifts for Beekeepers under $25

It can be hard to buy gifts for beekeepers because of all the options out there. Since we are beekeepers, we have compiled a short list of presents that work for all beekeepers that won’t break the bank. These will work for both beginner and experienced beekeepers.

1) Beekeeping Magazines

There are two major US beekeeping magazines available for subscription. If you want an issue to wrap up and give with the subscription, you can buy both at large book stores like Barnes and Noble. A subscription is 12 months and includes lot’s of great information for beekeepers every month.

2) Small Hive Beetle Traps

Beetle traps are one of those gifts a non-beekeeper would’t know about. But if you bought these for a beekeeper, they would know exactly what they are and be very thankful. Small Hive Beetles are a pest that invade bee hives and just generally make life harder for bees.

3) Feeders for Bees

For beekeepers, we never have enough feeders for our bees. They are helpful for so many different reasons, so this makes for a great gift. They are so essential, they are a part of most beginner beekeepers toolbox.

4) Swarm Lures

This is a product called Swarm Commander and is another great gift for beekeepers. If you buy these for your favorite beekeeper, you will become their favorite person. These little vials have a proprietary liquid in them that attracts bee swarms for beekeepers.

5) A Beekeepers Tool

A hive tool is an absolute necessity for beekeepers. It’s so important that good advice is to have 2 of them. There are indispensable for for prying bee boxes apart and removing frames. There are different types, but this is the classic shape.

6) A Swarm Book

If your beekeeper is a ready and really likes to know the why behind the how, this is the perfect gift for them. It goes deep into the decision making process of when to swarm and where the swarm flies. It’s a pretty amazing book.

7) Beekeeping Suit

A spare beekeeping suit is always for a beekeeper for many reasons. The most obvious is for when guests want to come visit the hives. Having a simple suit on hand makes sharing their hobby easier.

8) Frame Building Tool

If your beekeeper is loving their hobby, then they no doubt are needing more equipment for their bees to live in. Assembling frames for the bees to live on can take a lot of work, but a frame assembly jig can make it a lot easier.

Frame Assembly Tool
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9) A Makers Book

This is a great one for the beekeeper who wants to start making some fun stuff with their beeswax and honey, but doesn’t know where to start. It has great recipes for making candles, simple lip balm, leather waterproofer and more.

10) Beekeeping Gloves

Beekeeping gloves are very important (for the obvious reason), so an extra pair on hand (pun intended) is never a bad thing. They wear out after a couple years and it’s a great companion gift if you buy your beekeeper a extra beekeeping suit.

And if these don’t work, a gift card for beekeeping supplies is always a great option.

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