5 Follow Worthy Beekeeping Accounts on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to learn about beekeeping. After all, beekeeping requires a lot of skill, but also a lot of help from others. Through other peoples images, you can really get a feel for what should be happening in your eye. Even if you aren't a beekeeper, Instagram can give you a glimpse into the lives of bees and their keepers.

These are our 5 favorite Instagram accounts worth following

@Gretchenbeeranch Definitely a great account to follow. Lot's of variety, from macro bee pictures to the mistakes they make. They make the most amazing wax lanterns. This was a mistake, but is still awesome to look at.

@the_beecharmers A team of Sacramento beekeepers who take some really great images. Lot's of interesting process shots that just make you feel good.

@fromthehive He is killing it with the macro shots. It's amazing to see the close-up view, giving you a glimpse of the real life of bees. Never gets old seeing their tiny little hairs.

@girlnextdoorhoney A superstar account with lots of fun posts. From #queenspotting to great flower pictures. But her best posts are from the bee removals. Bees decided to live in the craziest places, including boats! 

@napavalleybeeco A really eclectic group of pictures that is just straight up eye candy. He has a real eye for the interesting patterns and details of beekeeping. 


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Happy Beekeeping