Universal Fume Board

$37.00 CAD

This Universal Fume Board is designed to work with both 8-frame and 10-frame hives. Fume boards are popular with backyard beekeepers for efficiently harvesting honey from a beehive using solar heat to quickly drive bees out of honey boxes, making honey harvesting very easy. All you need is the sun, this fume board, and Fischer Bee Quick.  


This fume board is covered on the outside with black aluminum sheeting to maximize the heat of the sun and covered on the entire inside with an absorbent fabric that adheres to the metal covering, maximizing the effects of the applied bee repellent.  


Spray non-toxic Fischer's Bee Quick or another bee repellent on fabric and place over-exposed honey super on a sunny day for 7 minutes; the sun will warm the fume board and drive bees down into the hive, leaving the entire honey super free of bees for easy removal.  


It is made with a strong wood rim and designed to be used on a 10-frame or 8-frame Langstroth beehive.  


Make harvesting honey more efficient and fun by using multiple fume boards at a time, harvesting honey boxes from one hive while the fume boards push bees out of honey suppers on other hives.  




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