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Bulk Beeswax - Partially Filtered

$11.00 CAD

Looking for pure beeswax in bulk volumes at bulk prices? We have beeswax that has been fully filtered and is very clean and we have bulk beeswax that is mostly cleaned, but needs an additional filter.  This listing is for our bulk wax that will need to be filtered again before being used. 

See our fully filtered pure beeswax

The weight of the wax will vary and there will be varying amounts of wax in the block. We sell our bulk blocks in increments of 40 lbs. The block may come as one large piece or as multiple chunks inside the box. 

Our price below is per pound of wax. 

To order, contact us with the shipping address and the total amount of wax desired. We can ship it via ground or on a pallet if ordering more than 200 lbs. 

Shipping via ground is usually around $1.25 per pound.