Bees Wax Buy Back Program

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Do you have beeswax cappings, blocks, or pure beeswax candles you would like to recycle? We buy pure beeswax in many forms and can offer payment in the form of a check or store credit. 

This is a great way to move the buckets or barrels of cappings, blocks of wax, or even your old beeswax candles out of your storage area and recycle them with us.

To get started, complete checkout with a cart total of 0.00. Then leave a note in checkout of your wax quality and quantity and drop off or send us your wax. We will contact you after receiving and processing your wax. 

Repurposing Beeswax Candles

Pure beeswax candles are cleaned, filtered and given a new life as a candle. All wax from our recycled candle program are re-poured, given new wicks and donated to a local non-profit.

This is a great option for those who want to see remainder of their beeswax candles be given a second chance as a new candle while also being donated for a good cause. This is particularly a great option for those that need a proper way to dispose of candles that have been blessed. 

Drop off or ship candle donations to Foxhound Bee Company

Recycle Beeswax Cappings

As beeswax cappings are received, we will document, weigh and evaluate the cappings. As time permits, we will melt and filter the cappings into a block. We will then payout based on the quality and weight of the wax block the cappings yield.

This option is great for beekeepers who have accumulated cappings and do not have the resources or time to render the beeswax into blocks and clean it. 

We store the cappings and process each customers cappings as it's own batch as we are able to fit it into our wax rendering schedule. 

One medium frame of wax will on yield on average, about 2.25 oz of cappings and 3/4 oz of pure, clean wax. The dryer the capping, the better the wax yield. 

We recommend sending at least 10 gallons of cappings. 

Drop off or ship wax at Foxhound Bee Company

Recycle Beeswax Blocks

We can buy or trade for beeswax blocks that have been completely or partially rendered and filtered. Premium yellow beeswax blocks that are free of any debris will fetch the highest rate. When we receive these blocks, we grade them for their quality and document their weight and color. 

The quality of wax color and the amount of debris and propolis in the wax will dictate the price. We do not buy dark, burnt or excessively crude or dirty wax. If in doubt, you can send us photos before sending. Beeswax must be pure and from the United States.

Drop off or send wax to Foxhound Bee Company

Current Wax Buy Back Prices 

Capping Wax:

Cash - $2.85 / lb

Store Credit - $3.60 / lb

Dirty Yellow Wax Block - Requires one additional filter:

Cash - $3.75 / lb

Store Credit - $4.50 / lb

Clean Yellow Wax Block - Does not require additional filtering

Cash - $4.50 / lb

Store Credit - $5.25 / lb