Update: The available spots for the 2017 year have been filled for our host-a-hive program. If you are interested in keeping the bees yourself, we have the equipment you will want. Click here to see what we have.  


We love keeping bees at Foxhound Bee Company and want you to love it too. Beekeeping has become more and more popular in the past 5 years, and for good cause. Local and national governments have begun to open the doors for honeybees and begun giving bees the respect they deserve as super pollinators.  In a backwards way, Colony Collapse Disorder could be the best thing to have happened to North American honeybees. It brought an incredible amount of positive attention to honeybees and how important bees are to our food supply, sparking an interest in soon-to-be backyard beekeepers all over the United States. 

Foxhound Bee Co gives the average person the chance to experience the benefits of keeping honeybees without having to invest the time and energy to manage the bees themselves. An annual fee covers equipment, legal registrations, bees and additional resources for maintaining a healthy bee hive. Having local honeybees will provide a huge boost in pollination for your neighborhood trees, fruits, vegetables, and grasses, as well as produce a bumper crop of raw local honey for you to share with clients, friends and family.

We want to give businesses, restaurants, and homeowners access to the incredible products honeybees offer and the chance to have a hands on, one-of-a-kind experience with your bees. Fresh honey, local beeswax, and uber-unique cut comb honey is the perfect addition to menus, holiday gifts, and thank you packages for team members and clients. Your honey can be packaged however you would like in bottles or jars, ranging from adorable 2 ounce honey bears to gallon sized containers your friends will love. Frames of fresh honeycomb can be provided straight from your hive (sans bees) to create a unique display for guests at your restaurant, adding to your company's brand and displaying support for your community.



  1. All installation, maintenance, and honey harvesting is handled by Foxhound Bee Co
  2. Colonies need room to fly into and out of the hive, about 10 feet to the front and sides of the entrance
  3. Hosting honeybees is a 1 year commitment from the host, beginning in the early spring
  4. For the benefit of the honeybees, 2 hives are required for each host location
  5. The majority of the honey is harvested in July/August, but small harvests can occur periodically
  6. You will receive between 10-20 pounds of raw, ultra-local honey from each hive
  7. If weather prevents your bees from producing excess honey, you will receive honey from a nearby hive
  8. Your annual rental fee is set by the amount of hives you want to host and the packaging of your honey
  9. You are invited to suit up and get some hands on experience with your new sweet friends
  10. Honeybees are very passive animals who are unlikely to sting when left alone 
Honeybee Close Macro.JPG


Investing in your team is an integral part of a successful business; it can light that intrinsic desire to be a good team member. Something easier said than done, but worth the effort. A positive work environment can't be created overnight, but must be fostered and encouraged continuously. Honeybees work constantly, cleaning, grooming, building, defendin,g and foraging until they can longer contribute any more. They selflessly give of themselves as individuals, to support the colony as a whole. While this isn't a perfect work model by any means, it is inspiring to learn how hard honeybees work. We would like to give you the opportunity to experience and learn about how honeybees work through our Host-a-Hive program. By placing fully managed honeybee colonies near your workplace, employees and clients can see firsthand how your business is positively contributing to your workplace culture and the nearby community.

The honeybee work schedule is cyclical, building their population every spring, working hard to collect nectar through the summer and constricting down during fall is to prepare for the winter. Progression through all these changes are visible inside the hive as well as outside. The honeybees share their excess spoils with you during a big honey harvest in the late summer. The local raw honey produced can be bottled for sharing with team members and/or with clients. Honey is a really sweet treat for anyone, made sweeter when presented with a great story. 150, cute 2-ounce honey bears can go a long way in saying thank you to your team and community. Through the Host-a-Hive program your business reputation in the community and workplace culture can really improve.


Honeybee on Capped Honey


As a professionally trained and practicing chef, I understand the importance of providing a quality product from a responsible source. Extracted, local raw, honey is a premium product that is a great selling point on a menu, making a positive addition to your plates and your brand. I want to offer you a unique premium product that contains the whole package. Hosting a hive on your property really drives home to your customers you care about supplying extremely local, sustainably harvested, premium products with a story. You can have your own local raw honey without having to maintain an urban farm; ten square feet is all the space needed to have your own honeybees. 

Foxhound Bee Co can offer you a great story for your brand, but also unique products hard to get elsewhere. We can offer you freshly capped, single variety comb honey, frame and all. We allow our honeybees to build 100% of their honeycomb, without the use of wax strips full of residual pesticides. This means you can have 100% edible, completely capped honey in its original comb. You can display a whole frame of honey for your guests, cutting chunks of fresh comb for use on dessert trays, cheese platters or with salty bites to provide a unique mouth feel and taste. Pooling fresh honey from the comb can be scooped and drizzled for a more traditional use over a plate. 

Honeybee with Pollen


Having your own honeybees is a really kind contribution to your neighborhood. Bees will fly up to 3 miles to look for plant blooms to pollinate, but typically try to stay as close to home as possible. A honeybee's lifespan is best measured in miles, rather than days. Most honeybees die because their wings are worn out from flying, rather than dying from old age. Through pollination, your honeybees will really improve your local environment, creating more flowers, bigger fruits and vegetables and healthier plants all around.

You're invited to participate in honeybee installations, inspections of colony health, and harvesting honey if you would like to learn more about honeybees, but it is not required. 

Having your own beehives on your property is a great opportunity for kids and adults interested in insects. A living, breathing honeybee colony can be a very interactive learning tool. Creating an enriching experience for family members or home school students who would be interested in observing their daily activity.  I can provide protective equipment for those who would like to participate. 

If you have always wanted to keep bees but are nervous about doing it on your own, I can help. Ownership of equipment and bees can be transferred at the beginning of each spring if you would like to take over the responsibility and venture into the exciting world of beekeeping.