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8-Frame Cypress Hive Stand

$21.99 USD
Low stock - 1 available
  • WHAT IS IT? Our cypress hive stand is a platform that sits below the bottom board of the hive and would sit directly on the hive platform or cinderblocks. This piece would not sit directly on the ground but makes your hive more attractive. The sloping front meets the front of the bottom board and acts as a piece of trim on the front of the hive.
  • LANDING BOARD: The addition of the ramp on the front extended the landing board of the hive and gives your colony a larger area for your bees to land on when bringing pollen and nectar back to the hive. 
  • CYPRESS WOOD: We are known for our quality, rot-resistant cypress wood and we certainly include it on our hive stands. You can be confident that the hive stand on the bottom of your hive will not rot. 
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED: Our hive stands are sold fully assembled with glue, staples, and nails. No need to worry about assembling them. If you'd like, choose for your cover to be painted and we will coat it with primer and high quality exterior white paint.