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Advanced Frame Management 201

$24.99 USD

Class sizes are always limited, so book early.

Beekeeping is such an enjoyable hobby because beekeepers can always learn more about their bees and how to better take care of them. Modern beekeepers use frames inside their hives for the bees to build their comb on. These moveable frames are what make beehives modern and managing well is an advanced technique. 

There are multiple ways to handle your frames and move them around the hive or hives. We will talk through the different scenarios where a beekeeper may need to move frames around. 

Beekeepers move frames for the advantage of the bees, but also to benefit themselves. Managing frames correctly can improve the health of the colony, increase honey yield and encourage uniform growth among hives. 

We will cover all these and more in our Advanced Frame Management Class. This 1 1/2 class will take place in our bee yard at Foxhound Bee Company. Our class is kept small so everyone will have a great experience and have plenty of time to ask questions. This is an advanced class and it is necessary to have bees to take this class. Please bring your protective gear with you to this class.