Clearance 10-Frame Cypress Screened Bottom Board

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CLEARANCE - Note that these are painted and lightly used screen bottom boards. They were in the rain and weather for 1 month and have dirt on them as a result. Clearancing them to make room in the shop. They are painted, but could benefit from an additional coat. 

This Cypress Screened Bottom Board serves as the floor of the hive, supporting all the weight of the boxes and frames on top of it.


The Cypress Screened Bottom Board has become very popular in the last decade as a way to help reduce the population of varroa mites. This is the main reason for its popularity and the reason we include it in our beekeeping starter kits by default.


You can purchase your bottom boards assembled with Titebond Glue, staples, and nails so you don't have to worry about it. The 10- Frame Solid Bottom Board does not have a screen and because of its solid floor, provides more insulation during cold months. Both options work great and have been used for decades.


It is designed to work perfectly with our small hive beetle tray that seals completely, keeping bees out of the oil or diatomaceous earth in the pan. We redesigned our bottom boards to work perfectly with our Small Hive Beetle Oil Pan Trap.


The Cypress Screened Bottom Board is also the place most beekeepers place their bee feeders. The screen on the bottom of the bottom board serves as a false floor that bees cannot get through, but debris and air can pass through easily. Our screened bottom boards also have a small rail underneath the screen that a corrugated board can rest. This corrugated board allows beekeepers to "close" the screen, reducing any drafts.


You can opt to choose if you'd like us to prime and paint your bottom board.


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