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How To Harvest Honey 201

$29.99 USD

Class sizes are always limited, so book early.

Oh honey! Hopefully, that is what you are saying and your bees have done very well and you are ready to harvest honey from their hives. Pulling honey off the hives is really a lot of fun, but it can be very intimidating. We have removed honey from the hive in all the wrong and the right ways and we want to share all the tips and tricks we have learned with you. 

There are a variety of ways from getting honey from the bees to a jar of honey, but not all may need to be the best fit for your apiary. Come to our harvesting class and we will teach you how to get the honey from the bees, into the extractor, and eventually into the bottle (hopefully without making a mess).

Join us with an interactive 2 hour class in our bee yard where we "pull" honey and then in our building where we will harvest it. 

This class is designed for beekeepers who are preparing to harvest honey for their hives and want to learn how backyard beekeepers should do it. Please bring your protective gear with you to this class. We will provide all the other resources needed for this class.