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How To Install A Package or Nucleus Hive 101

$29.99 USD

Getting started with beekeeping can be intimidating, and no other task challenges the beginner, like installing their package or nucleus hive. This first test is something all beekeepers will need to go through, but it isn't as tricky as it looks. 

On the surface, it seems more like herding cats, but when you understand the biology of the bees, the process is easier to understand. 

The technique used for installing a package of bees is different than installing a nucleus hive. There are certain risks involved with each type of installation to address all of those in our 1 1 /2-hour class. 

During this class, we will talk through what a package or nuc is and what makes them different and allow you to watch us install one of each. Our class size is limited, so be sure to register if you would like to attend the class at our store in downtown Birmingham.