Raw Honey from East Hoover, Alabama

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Raw Honey from East Hoover, Alabama

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We are SOLD OUT of our honey, it seems to sell out faster and faster each year. It went fast, but don't fret. We will have more available in early-mid summer of 2019. To get first dibs on the new batch when it becomes available, add your email to this list and we will let you know when we have more ready.

Our raw honey from the East Hoover area is a little more floral than in previous years and you could call it earthy this year. On our second taste, it reminded us of some of the fall flavors that we all love like cinnamon and nutmeg. I wonder what flowers that nectar is from. It's slightly darker than our normal spring honey, but still has that classic amber color you expect from a spring honey; much lighter in color than the dark honey from our fall flowers.

These honey bottles all feature a dripless lid that makes sure your honey goes where you want it to. No more sticky bottles and counters!

Our bees make the best honey, 100% pure, natural and delicious. We do all we can to leave all of its delicious, nutritious properties intact.  

The honey our bees make is unheated, maintaining all the natural health qualities. During bottling, we strain all the bees knees, comb and other debris, but leave 100% of the pollen naturally found in honey.

Our honey is completely made from blooming flowers in Hoover, by bees who work hard to make it. Ours bees are kept without adding any synthetic pesticides or antibiotics to the hive, creating a cleaner honey for you. 

On average, our bees may make less honey than traditionally kept honey bees, but the honey they do make is that much more special.

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