Comb Honey Cassettes

Casetes de miel en peine

Harvesting and presenting comb honey is a rewarding aspect of beekeeping, and our Comb Honey Cassettes provide are designed to make beautiful comb honey that can be evenly drawn out in the frame and is ready for retail or gifting. These cassettes are designed so the bees can build comb honey directly inside and then the cassette can be easily removed from the wooden frame. 

Read more about Comb Honey Production, and check out our video tutorial on How to Assemble Comb Honey Cassettes for Beekeeping.

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Comb Honey Cassettes-Hive Products-Deep Frame-1 Cassette-Foxhound Bee Company
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De $4.00 CAD
Comb Honey Cassette Packaging-Hive Products-Medium Frame Packaging-40 Pack-Foxhound Bee Company
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De $46.00 CAD
Comb Honey Production Book-Education-Foxhound Bee Company
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