2-inch Nails for Boxes

$8.49 USD

These 2-inch nails for Boxes are the ideal size for assembling boxes securely.


It is designed to be hand driven with a hammer instead of a nail gun. The head-on each nail helps to drive the sides and front of the boxes together.


The nails you need depend on how you assemble your boxes and how many boxes you need. For one medium box, the least amount of nails you will need is 16 nails and 24 nails at the most. For one deep box, the least amount of nails you will need is 20 nails and 36 nails at the most.


Splitting happens naturally when driving nails into wood. It reduces the holding power of the nails and can be prevented several ways. The best way is to predrill the hole. You can also flip the nail over and lightly hammer the pointed end of the nail to blunt it. Neither of these is necessary as you can drive nails without doing either, but these are a couple of tricks to reduce splitting.


We provide nails that have been galvanized to resist corrosion and rust because we want your boxes to last a long time.


We highly recommend using wood glue when assembling bee boxes. Even with the best nails, boxes can swell and buckle under changing environments. This is the glue we recommend for assembling both frames and boxes; it is what we use, and you won't be disappointed with it.


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