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Honey Extractor Line

Our line of honey extractors is made by Civan who has been making honey extractors for 25+ years and has been curated so beekeepers can find the best honey extractor for their beekeeping operation. We have both electric honey extractors or spinners and manual honey extractors with a hand crank.

Each honey extractor is extremely well made with thick stainless steel that can be used to extract honey from both shallow, medium, and deep frames. We love these honey extractors and use the Civan brand in our own operation so we are thrilled to have them available for sale.

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Civan Manual 3 Frame Honey Extractor 3t / 3t / 3t-Supplies-Foxhound Bee Company
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$469.00 USD
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$999.00 USD
Civan Electric 12 Frame Honey Extractor 3t / 12r / 12r-Supplies-Foxhound Bee Company
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$1,299.00 USD
Civan Electric 24 Frame Honey Extractor 12r / 24r / 24r-Supplies-Foxhound Bee Company
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$2,199.99 USD Regular price $2,299.00 On Sale