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Beekeeping Hive Tools

You aren't much of a beekeeper without a hive tool and because of that, we have many many hive tools. Most hive tools are a specifically made pry bar that is used to separate bee boxes and loosen hive frames. A hive tool is an essential hive tool as it is almost impossible to work a bee hive without one. We have the standard hive tool, Italian hive tool, the popular j hook hive tool, several longer hive tools, and many other hive tools.
A regular hive tool has a sharp edge on one point to help separate hive boxes and the other end is used to lift frames or for scraping wax and burr comb. Our favorite is the KW Hive Tool with its curved end for living frames and regular blade and curved end. Pro Tip: Get two hives tools as they can be lost easily and are essential to all beekeepers.
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