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Local Honey, Pollen, Beeswax and Candles

We were beekeepers before we were in the beekeeping equipment business and continue to sell local, raw honey from our hives all over Birmingham, Alabama. Our honey is harvested from these individual apiaries and kept separate from each other. 

We do this so we can bottle each apiary individually, so you can choose exactly the location you want your local honey from. This is pure Alabama honey, and you won't be disappointed by its naturally delicious flavor and color. We ensure that every bit of pollen, amino acids, and enzymes naturally available in the honey are kept throughout the process, which is a huge plus for those who are eating local honey for allergies. If you want pure pollen, we have locally harvested pollen that we keep frozen to ensure that our pollen stays fresh.

With local honey comes beeswax, so we have many candles available. All are poured locally by hand in our retail store. Each of our candles is made with 100% beeswax, so they burn twice as long as a standard soy candle and are much better for the environment.

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