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Varroa Mite Control

Varroa mites are the scourge of all beekeepers and honey bees. Varroa mite populations increase right along with the population of the honey bee colonies. This alone makes varroa mite control difficult. We have a wide variety of products and supplies to help manage your varroa mite population. In our store and online we stock organic treatments for varroa as well as synthetic treatments and non-chemical treatments. You can find a varroa mite treatment that works for your honey bee colony.


The time of the year, amount of capped brood, honey supply, and style of beekeeping will dictate which treatment option is best for you. Some are designed to be used for winter bees like oxalic acid and others, like formic acid can be used when honey supers are present. In all cases, we can provide you with a plan on what to do with your hive.


Drone brood removal with our drone frames is the best chemical free option, and apiguard, Formic pro, and Apivar are our most popular products when you want to kill mites quickly.

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