Beekeeping For Beginners Book

$19.99 USD

Wouldn’t it be great to raise your own bees, have a fresh supply of honey, and bring thousands of healthy pollinators into your yard? Beekeeping for Beginners is a simple, step-by-step guide that helps you learn the fundamentals of modern beekeeping. You (and your bees) will be buzzing with delight.


From picking the right hive and bringing your bees home to surviving winter and collecting honey, experienced beekeeper Amber Bradshaw takes you on an easy-to-follow journey through your first year of beekeeping and beyond.


Beekeeping for Beginners includes:

  • Just the essentials―Learn everything you need to know to begin your first colony―written with brand new beekeepers in mind.
  • Modern beekeeping―Start your colony off right with guides that feature the newest practices and current, natural approaches.
  • Learn to speak bee―Clearly defined terms and a complete glossary will have you talking like a pro beekeeper in no time.


Begin your beekeeping the right way―and avoid getting stung by mistakes―with Beekeeping for Beginners.


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