Bee-sentials - Beginner Book

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This book is written for beginner beekeepers but has a lot of extra content that many beginner books do not go into. Getting started in beekeeping can be intimidating and this book certainly does have a lot of information, but it is information that is helpful for a beginner beekeeper. Many of the chapters include Q&A sections where common beginner questions are asked and the author answers with direct answers with proven authority.

If looking for a beekeeping book to get started with and already have a decent foundation of how bees work or can grasp concepts quickly, this is the book for you. There isn't as much hand-holding with this book as with other beginner books, but in exchange, you get more information that will serve you for several years.

Great pictures and images are essential to a good beekeeping book and this one does not lack either. Throughout the book, you'll find plenty of color images and charts to help you understand how beekeeping works

208 Pages, Full Color, ISBN: 1878075284, 15 Chapters, Author: Lawrence John Connor

While this book isn't specifically a natural beekeeping book, it is riddled with methods and techniques that are successfully used by beekeepers who want to use a style of beekeeping that is a little closer to how bees live naturally.

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