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Sting Stopper Ventilated Goat Skin Beekeeping Gloves - Olive Green

$28.99 USD

We are very proud of the craftsmanship and design behind our ventilated goatskin beekeeping gloves with their smart design and high-quality goat leather palms. These Olive Green gloves are perfect for hobby and commercial beekeepers who value their gloves' protection, durability, and comfort. We built a quadruple layer vented hand and a triple layer sleeve so you can be sure your hands are safe from bee stings but still cool when working the bees. We call them our sting stopper gloves for a reason, and they are the best beekeeping gloves on the market.

The goat skin leather palm has the natural dexterity that cow leather cannot offer but is also made with the toughest part of the leather so you can still have protection from stings. We have also built our gloves with a slightly shorter sleeve, making them easier to put on with less fabric to bunch up on the arm.

Each cuff has an elastic band twice the thickness of a standard elastic band, so you don't have to worry about the band breaking or stretching out. In addition, the cuff has a built-in extra wide velcro patch so it can be secured to your arm using elastic or velcro.

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  • Premium Quality: We have sold gloves for a long time and have learned the difference between low-quality and high-quality materials. We use the best materials for beekeeping gloves from the tip of the finger to the arm to ensure a safe and sting-free glove. These gloves are used in our apiary, and we love the added protection and comfortable fit they provide while working our bee hives.

  • Smart Sleeve Design: The sleeve of our leather gloves is 14 inches from tip of the finger to the velcro strap and long enough to overlap easily with the beekeeping jacket or suit. But it is still short enough not to add unnecessary fabric that makes the sleeves hard to pull up. These can be put on before or after the jacket is put on. We prefer to put them on before the jacket or bee suit.

  • Durable Fingers: The goatskin on the palm of each hand is thicker than the average goatskin gloves, but we also wrap the goat skin around the tip of the finger. In our experience, the tip of the finger is the quickest spot on gloves to wear out, and wrapping the tip of the finger, or beekeeping glove is the strongest and most durable on the market.

  • Triple and Quadruple Ventilated Material: We have taken the material from our vented bee suits and applied it to our gloves to give beekeepers the cooling feeling of the ventilated material on their hands. The hand is the area where most bees choose to sting, so we have used 4 layers of ventilated material to protect the hand. The 4 layers make up a 7 mm ventilated wall to protect against stings, even when the fabric is compressed when holding a hive tool. The arm has our standard 3-layer ventilated fabric, offering 5mm of protection from the bee's 3mm stinger. 

  • Velcro and Elastic Cuff: The cuff of our gloves has an elastic band that is twice the thickness of the industry standard so that it won't get stretched out over time. Plus, we built an oversized velcro wrap so the glove can be secured with either the velcro or the elastic.

  • Machine Washable: Each pair is built tough for use in the apiary, but they can also be cleaned in the washing machine when needed. We recommend washing on delicate and air drying. After dried, the goatskin leather can be reoiled with any leather conditioner.


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