Bee Cleanse Concentrate

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Bee Cleanse is a concentrated, fantastic all-natural complex herbal product intended to provide essential elements lacking in the honey bees' diet due to stress from the environment and pests. 


Bee Cleanse is a product for honey bees to encourage hygienic behavior and cleaning. Just as you would use soap to wash your body, Bee Cleanse is most effective when used as a spray to drench bees inside the hive. Bees will start their cleaning process and will disperse and ingest the bee cleanse. 


The Bee Cleanse will work to fortify the bee's digestive system from the inside out through ingestion. Bee Cleanse can be applied four times, four days between applications to clean the bee's intestines sufficiently.


Apply by diluting concentrate in a 1:1 simple syrup. A little goes a long way with Bee Cleanse. A 500ml bottle will be enough to apply to 100 hives, but Bee Cleanse is shelf-stable both in its concentrated form and when diluted in syrup. 


One teaspoon of Bee Cleanse can be mixed in 1 cup of syrup and applied to 1 brood box. 

1/3 cup of Bee Cleanse can be mixed in 1 gallon of syrup for a larger batch.

Use 1 cup of syrup solution with Bee Cleanse per brood box.

A double deep brood box would use 2 tsp Bee Cleanse and 2 cups syrup. 


Drench on days above 60°F with at least four days of flying time left in the day. For best use, sprinkle over top bars in a light stream using a watering can or something similar to drench the bees between the frames. If used on multiple boxes, the solution can be applied from the top box and allowed to drip down. 


Bee Cleanse Contains A Complete proprietary blend of Whole Plant Polyphenols, Complex Essential Oils, Complete Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbals Extracts, Phytonutrient Concentrates, and Enzymes in a ready to use product. A concentrated form is also available for commercial operations. This unique formula is balanced, complete, and whole! Contains no GMO, artificial coloring, chemicals, or added animal derivatives. This product exceeds all known organic standards.


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