Nozevit Plus Organic Concentrate

$24.99 USD

Nozevit Plus incorporates the original highly popular Nozevit product and adds additional whole plant polyphenols aimed at the longer-term health of the honey bee through improving and maintaining good honey bee gut health. Nozevit Plus benefits from using 100% certified organic ingredients. 


Nozevit Plus works to restore the proper pH of the honey bee gut, repairing damage from Nosema spores in the midgut and reducing further damage from nosema spores.


Historically, an antibiotic treatment called Fumigilan was used for Nosema but its use has been restricted and requires a veterinarian to visit and prescribe its use. Nozevit Plus is a naturally derived product for helping with Nosema that improves long-term bee health using whole plant polyphenols, phytonutrients, amino acids, minerals, herbals, and 6 essential oils. 


Nozevit Plus can be applied through a drench or through feeding through 1:1 sugar water. A little goes a long way, one 50ml bottle can make 4 gallons of solution.


Apply by mixing concentrate in syrup using the ratio below. The great thing about Nozevit Plus is that it is shelf-stable and will also preserve the shelf life of syrup naturally. 


1 quart of syrup + 1 tsp Nozevit Plus for 5 brood boxes

1 gallon of syrup + 4 tsp Nozevit Plus for 20 brood boxes

5 gallons of syrup + 20 tsp Nozevit Plus for 100 brood boxes


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