9 Inch Red Hive Tool

$6.99 USD

 This 9-inch hive tool is made from stainless steel and partially coated with red paint to make it easier to identify. One end is ideal for prying boxes apart, and the other end can be hit with the palm of your hand to drive it between equipment.


Beekeeping Hive tools are the essential tool that all beekeepers use. They are required for separating boxes and lifting frames out of the box. While new equipment can be easily moved and adjusted, equipment that bees live in can be difficult to separate and work with over time. Hive tools are used to pry apart boxes and lift frames from the box.


Hive tools have multiple ends designed to work in different ways. Narrow ends are used to pry boxes and frames apart, and bent ends can be used to scrape comb and propolis from equipment.


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