Nylon Bee Brush

$6.99 USD


  • ESSENTIAL FOR THE BEGINNER - A beekeeping brush is an essential tool for the beginner beekeeper and is used frequently and in many ways. The bee brush is great for removing bees from package bee boxes and nucleus hives when starting your first hives.
  • SOFT BRISTLES - Two rows of yellow bristles are soft enough to flex easily when brushing bees so you can easily flick bees off of frames. Even with the soft bristles, our bee brush is very durable and will be the only brush you need for beekeeping. 

  • WELL DESIGNED HANDLE - The 100% wooden handle is long enough to easily reach all sides of your frame and wide enough to fit comfortably in a gloved and ungloved hand. The handle includes a hole for hanging your brush on a tool rack for easy storage.

  • CHEMICAL-FREE HONEY HARVEST - Easily remove honey bees from honey frames for harvesting honey without injuring them. Brushing bees off the frames is an efficient technique for the backyard beekeeper and is a great alternative to chemicals.