1 Gallon Round Bucket and Lid with Gasket

$7.99 USD
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1 Gallon Round Bucket and Lid with Gasket

Having a 1-gallon bucket around can be very helpful for a beekeeper. This sized bucket is most commonly used to make the top feeders or bucket feeders. These are the pails we have available with our pre-made bucket feeders and tint plugs.


You can order our already-made feeder pails, these buckets, and the tint plugs if you want to cut your own hole to make a DIY bucket feeder. Each BPA-free bucket comes with a matching lid with a gasket. These buckets and lids are both food grade and safe for use with sugar water or honey.


We also have a larger 4-gallon square bucket and a larger 2-gallon round bucket as well.