Frame Wiring Jig

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This frame wiring jig is designed to make adding horizontal wiring to a 100% beeswax foundation quicker, easier, and better than other methods. Traditionally, wiring bee frames with foundation was difficult, but this wiring jig makes it much easier by routing the wires in the correct locations and keeping them tight.

This frame jig will help run horizontal wires through the sides of frames through the holes in the end bars. The jig will hold a spool of wire and dispense it as the wire is pulled through the frame. As the wire is run through the jig and around the wheels, the spool of wire is released. Once the wire is run through the frame and fastened to the frame, it can then be released from the wheels and pulled tight.

Each jig has a tensioner that pushes on the sidebar to help keep the wire tight. 
After the wire is run through the frame and fastened, the tensioner can be released to help make the wire even tighter.

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