Nylon Honey Strainer Bags for 5 Gallon Bucket - 2 Pack

$9.99 USD

Two pack of our well-designed, BPA free, food-safe, ultra-strong, restaurant-quality nylon strainer designed for beekeepers, home cooks, restaurants, food lovers, home brewers, cheesemakers and chefs for safely straining food.

A strong and adjustable drawstring can be pulled closed and adjusted to fit different-sized containers and works best with 1 and 5-gallon buckets, but can also be used in the kitchen over pots, Lexan and cambro containers; the drawstring can be tied and suspended, allowing liquids to drip.

To learn about if filtering honey removes pollen, read our blog on it.

We didn’t make a cheap bag for you to use once; we made it a strong, heat-safe, double-stitched nylon so it can be washed and used over and over to filter your honey, nut milk, chicken stock, beeswax, Greek yogurt, beer wort or cold brew.

The mesh is designed to work well for most situations with a 600-micron weave, so it will not remove pollen out of honey or but keeps large pieces of food and debris from getting through, keeping your honey, stock, coffee, and nut milk clean and clear; each bag measures 20” wide and 18” tall.

The nylon strainer bags are ideal for food preparation as the nylon is absent of any flavor and will keep your raw honey pure, nut milks silky and coffee free of any coarse grinds; keep flavors in and will not impart any flavors into the food. 

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