Sundance Pollen Traps

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Beekeepers can collect pollen from their bees as they enter their hive. Pollen traps are specialized tools that allow beekeepers to remove a portion of the pollen from pollen foragers while still allowing some pollen into the hive.

The Sundance pollen trap is the industry standard for providing a quality product that is capable of supplying clean bee pollen for beekeepers to use themselves or to be made for sale. Honey bees collect pollen from flowering plants and bring it back to the colony for use. The pollen trap works by making the bees walk through a series of screens that partially remove the pollen from their pollen legs.

It is not uncommon for one hive to collect several pounds of pollen in a 48-hour period with these traps. If you are looking for a great way to monetize your colonies during the pollen flow, a sundance pollen trap is a great way to do that.

The pollen falls into the pollen collection tray that is in an easily accessible collection drawer on the pollen trap. The tray helps keep the collected pollen clean and dry inside the colony. 

Pollen traps are a great way to provide your own pollen source for pollen patties or protein patties. It is also a great way to collect local pollen for sale at farmers' markets and to the local public.

You can purchase the 10-frame or 8-frame pollen trap based on the size hive you have. There is also an option to have a top-mounted trap or a bottom-mounted trap. We have used both types, and they both work well.

The top-mounted traps do provide clean pollen that is mostly free of debris. These traps are placed below the inner cover and telescoping cover and require training the bees to use the top as an entrance instead of the bottom. When using a pollen trap, the only way in and out of the colony should be through the trap. This type of trap works best when starting a new hive.

The top-mounted traps must be removed from the hive to stop pollen collection. This is easily done but a new top entrance must be given to the bees.

The bottom-mounted trap will do a great job at collecting clean pollen, but there is some debris from the hive that can make it's way into the pollen. An integrated luan cover protects the pollen tray from debris, but some debris can get into the trap.

The bottom-mounted trap can be opened or closed. The door slides up and down to start or stop pollen collection.

With any pollen collection process, it's important to look through the pollen and remove any debris before selling it.

All of our traps are equipped with a back front entrance and drawer in the back. The collected pollen can be accessed from the back of the hive easily, and each trap comes fully assembled. 

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