Electric Wire Embedder

$34.99 USD

This electric wire embedder is designed to apply a charge to the metal wire used when wiring 100% beeswax into a wooden frame. The charge makes embedding the metal wire into the beeswax quick and easy. If you are installing beeswax foundation into frames, this is the tool for you.

After plugging the wire embedded into a standard 120 outlet, the tool is ready to use. After assembling the wooden frame, installing crosswires, and placing the foundation in the frame, the electric wire embedder can be used.

The metal points are used to apply a small amount of electricity to the wire. One metal tip is placed on one end of the crosswise. When ready to heat the wire and embed it into the wax, the other metal point is touched to the other side of the wire. It only takes seconds to apply enough heat to the wire to sink it into the wax foundation.

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