Kids Beekeeping Gloves

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Introducing the ultimate game-changer in junior beekeeping: Our Ninja Turtle inspired kids gloves. These aren't just any gloves; they're the dream gear you and your kids didn't know they needed. We designed these gloves to make putting beekeeping gloves on kids easier than getting them to say yes to pizza for dinner.

But it's not all fun and games; these gloves are serious about safety too. Designed to be so user-friendly that kids can put them on all by themselves, they offer the kind of protection that puts parents' minds at ease. You'll love them so much you'll be giving them a high "three".

Plus, they're versatile enough for your child to handle hive tools, puff smokers, and even lift out frames. With these gloves, your kids won't just feel like heroes; they'll be fully equipped, pint-sized beekeeping pros.


  • Self-Serve: Inspired by frustration, these gloves are easy enough for kids to put on themselves with little to no help. No more trying to find the right finger for the right hole. 
  • Goatskin Greatness: Made with top-quality goatskin leather and featuring a canvas gauntlet that overlaps with the kids suit for extra security. Consider this the VIP pass to the beekeeping world for your mini-me.
  • Tiny Toolmasters: Shaped for handling hive tools, puff smokers, and lifting frames. Think of it as your child's multi-tool for beekeeping. They love being a little beekeeper in these.
  • High-Three Worthy: Uniquely shaped but flexible for high-threes, fist bumps, or Vulcan salutes. These gloves make your kids the coolest beekeepers on the block.

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