Performance Beekeeping Jacket

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Color - Olive Green

Imagine if your favorite fishing or outdoor shirt and a suit of armor had a baby. That's our lightweight beekeeping jacket designed for the beekeepers who want something that is comfortable, easy to put on and more affordable than the fully ventilated jackets. Sometimes a lighter weight jacket is exactly what you want.

We took the comfort of your favorite sun shirt and added a layer of 'bee-proof' to it in the back. Each jacket has a ventilation flap where a little air can vent in and out, but with slightly thick vented fabric to keep bees out. We call it our performance jacket because the material is light weight, keeps the sun off you and provides a little bit of a breeze. 

STING STOPPER™ Performance Beekeeping Jacket

  • Sun-Slaying Fabric: Single-layer material that's as breathable as it is protective. It's like wearing air, but better.

  • Angler-Inspired Comfort: Crafted from the same material as your go-to outdoor shirt. Comfortable enough to nap in, but please don't—you've got bees to tend to.

  • Pullover or Zip Up: With it's wide neck, you the jacket can be pull over your head even when zipped up so you can get in and out of the bee yard. Prefer to zip it up? No problem with the no snag, YKK plastic zippers so you can zip in and out.

  • Well Designed Veil:  We took the customer favorite veil from our ventilated jackets and suits and placed them on this jacket, so you get a high quality accordion or fencing veil with an easy open front. 

  • Incredibly Light: We wanted to offer a lightweight option to our lineup and designed this jacket to fit the beekeeper who values a lighter jacket with a little ventilation. 

  • Quick-Access Pockets: Strategically placed pockets for when you need to quickly grab your hive tool or jot down some bee-spirations.

  • Secure Wrist Cuffs: Elastic and velcro wrist cuffs that keep your sleeves in place without cutting off circulation.

  • Optimal Visibility: Ample headspace in the veil for clear, unobstructed views. No more fumbling around and worrying about bees stinging through the screen. We solved that problem long ago. 

  • Easy to Clean: Machine washable because we know beekeeping can get messy. Just toss it in the wash and it’s good as new.

  • Built to Last: Durable stitching and quality material mean this jacket will be your beekeeping companion for years to come.

  • Stylish Aesthetic: Look good, feel good. This jacket is as stylish as it is functional.