1 3/8-inch Nails for Frames

$5.50 USD

These 1 3/8-inch nails are the ideal size for assembling frames securely. Designed to be hand driven with a hammer instead of a nail gun. The head-on each nail helps to drive the top bar and bottom bars of each frame into the sidebars.


How many nails you need is dependent on how you assemble your frames and how many frames you need. For one frame with these nails, you will need at least 4 nails and 8 nails at the most.


Our frame nails have a smooth shank and are vinyl coated which makes them easier to use and reduces splitting. These nails are not coated with a material to resist corrosion, but it isn't necessary because they will be inside the hive.


The coating on these nails helps with two things: easier to drive into the wood and superior grab compared to common nails. The vinyl coating makes these nails perfect for bee frames.


We highly recommend using wood glue when assembling bee frames. Even with the best nails, frames can come apart easily and it can be a huge mess to try and put them back together when the bees have already built a comb. This is the glue that we recommend for assembling both frames and boxes; it is what we use and you won't be disappointed with it. We find that with the addition of this glue, you will only need four nails to assemble a single frame.


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