Entrance Pollen Trap

$19.99 USD

This simple-to-use pollen trap is placed on the front of a beehive to harvest pollen from the worker bees as they return to the beehive. This entrance trap can attach to the entrance of the bottom board and can be left on the hive all day and night.

The door on the front of the pollen trap can be opened or closed based on the beekeeper's goal. When in the closed position, the bees walk through the holes, knocking the pollen pellets off their back legs and into the basket below. The door can be opened to allow the bees to forage for pollen freely.

The door is best left in the closed or open position for multiple days. Leaving the trap in the same position for multiple days allows the bees to adjust to the new entrance.

Some pollen will still get through the trap and into the hive, even with the door in closed position. Be sure to close off any other entrance to the hive before installing the pollen trap.

The basket below the entrance will catch the pollen and should be emptied every other day or every day.

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