Lemongrass Swarm Lure

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Lemongrass essential oil is a surprisingly good swarm lure and has been used successfully for years by beekeepers to attract swarms looking for a new home. The smell of the lemongrass oil mimics the smell of scout bees scenting the location of a new home and helps to draw in more scouts.


A little bit of essential oil goes a long way, and this isn't a situation where more is better. The 5ml bottle is enough to bait 10-15 hives alone. A couple of drops inside the bait hive or swarm trap is enough to last several weeks.


Each container has a built-in dropper that fits right inside the neck. No need to worry about having a separate dropper to keep up with.


The dark amber container helps to keep the lemongrass oil from going bad from light exposure. The life of the oil will be lengthened if the container is kept refrigerated, but it isn't necessary.


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