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The essential book on making new bee colonies and using nuclei as a means of varroa mite control and keeping spare queens available for use to replace failed queens in full-sized colonies. One of the most successful and influential books at Wicwas Press, this book is widely used in introductory beekeeping courses. Emphasis on the use of local queens and local bees for successful beekeeping.

This second edition contains updated materials as well as full-color photos and diagrams.

Author Dr. Lawrence Connor continues his Bee Essentials series with this excellent guide on how beekeepers can use nuclei to solve problems in the bee yards and use them in winter colonies and provide a reliable source of fresh bees, locally acclimatized queens, replacement hives, and colonies for operational growth or sale.

176 Pages, ISBN- 10: 1878075357, ISBN- 13: 978-1878075352

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