5-Frame Nucleus Hive Kit - Medium

$113.00 CAD

This kit is for the beekeeper who uses all-medium boxes and is wanting a medium kit on hand for making splits or catching swarms. The nucleus hive is designed to be a temporary home for a colony for several weeks while it builds up its population. A wooden nucleus hive kit provides better protection from the elements.


The beekeeping supplies in this kit include:

1 - 5 Frame Migratory Cover

1 - 5 Frame Cypress Solid bottom board

1 - Cypress Medium box

5 - grooved top, grooved bottom medium frames

5 - sheets of double-waxed plastic medium foundation


You can opt to purchase your beekeeper starter kit unassembled, assembled, or painted. On all of our kits, the boxes and frames are the only parts that would need any assembling. When choosing the assembled option, we will assemble your boxes and frames/foundations with staples and wood glue so you can be assured they will never fall apart. If choosing assembled and painted, we will assemble your equipment, coat it with a white primer, and finish with a layer of premium-quality, UV-resistant white paint on the outside of the equipment.


When looking for beekeeping kits for sale, it can be hard to distinguish the quality online. We have been selling this beekeeping starter kit since 2016, which is very popular and of excellent quality. The wood we use is a durable, 7/8-inch thick, smooth cypress board that is naturally rot-resistant and will last decades even without paint. Besides our cypress wood, we choose to use precision cut frames and foundation with double the beeswax on it as our competition, so you and your bees will be happy with our equipment.


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All the pieces of the beekeeping starter kits can be purchased separately, check out our 5 Frame Hive Parts, at the same price as they are in the kit. This way, you can get the bee equipment you want. You can use the list of products above as a guide.


There are other tools available like a bee brush, queen excluder, frame holder, and more that are optional. It's not necessary to purchase everything you need, but there are essentials that every beekeeper uses.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Blake W.
Great For starting a hive

These cypress double deep boxes are great for starting a hive. The paint used is great and the boxes are made well. The frame don’t have a lot of wax so you will have to wax them. Also the inner top doesn’t have a screen so you will have to add one.

Blake W.
Great quality boxes

These cypress boxes are great quality wood and the paint job looked good. The frames themselves are good quality. I had one cracked plasic frame but it was not bad enough not to be used. The plastic foundation is hardly waxed at all so you do have to rewax them. The inner top cover will need to have a piece of screen put on it as it doesn’t come with one. All in all great product!

J. H.
5 frame nuc box

I ordered the unassembled 5 frame nuc box kit, and it came with everything that it was supposed to. I had no problem putting it together.

Excellent value!

Great price, high quality

Brody C.
Good quality

The whole kit was put together very nicely and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the whole kit