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Cypress Boxes With Frames

Every good beekeeper has extra boxes around in preparation for swarms, the honey flow and a few other reasons. Our rot resistant Cypress boxes are complete with our double-waxed foundation and matching frames. The boxes can be purchased unassembled, assembled, or painted in 10 frame, 8 frame and 5 frame sizes. 

We know it's essential to have bee boxes with frames on hand, so we do our best to stay stocked so you can spend less time shopping and more time with your bees. Deep boxes come with deep frames, and medium boxes come with medium beehive frames. These beekeeping boxes come with plastic foundation (with extra wax), but we also have pure wax foundations and frames as well.

If you don't need the boxes with frames, you can also purchase our boxes or our frames separately so you can get just the medium super or hive body.

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