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Beekeeping Hive Tools

Many beekeeping tools are necessary, like a smoker, bee suits, syrup feeders, and more. But no hive tool is as important as the beekeeper's hive tool. Read more on the Top 5 Pieces Of Beekeeping Equipment Needed for more info. Hive tools are essential, and all beekeepers have one or multiple tools. Whether you are a beginner beekeeper or a commercial beekeeper, it is an essential piece of equipment for praying pieces of stuck bee equipment apart. . The type of hive tool used is based on personal preference, so we have over 25 types of hive tools.


Beekeepers use a hive tool for inspections each time they visit their apiary. Hive tools help the beekeeper separate bee boxes and loosen frames. Without a hive tool, this task is almost impossible to do once a bee hive gets established.


The best hive tools and the most commonly purchased are the J Hook Hive Tool, the Standard Hive Tool, and the KW Hive Tool. Our personal favorite for opening hives is the KW hive tool, named after Kent Williams, who designed it. It is extremely helpful for opening honey or brood boxes and lifting frames without disrupting the bees too much.

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