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10 Frame Hive Parts

10 frame beekeeping equipment is called so because each box holds 10 Langstroth frames and is also the most popular option for beekeepers. 10 frame equipment allows honey bees more space inside the hive to build their population and store honey before requiring additional boxes.
This is an advantage for the beekeeper as it provides more flexibility and room for beekeeper error as a colony grows. The overall cost of maintaining bees in 10 frame equipment will be slightly less than with other hive options.

The downside of 10 frame equipment is its weight, which can be difficult to overcome for some beekeepers. It is common for a 10-frame box full of bees, comb, and honey to weigh over 50 lbs. The most common alternative to using 10 frame equipment is to use 8 frame equipment and is a great option for those who may not be able to comfortably lift 50 lb boxes.

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