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10 Frame Beekeeping Kit

These 10-frame bee hive kits are made from solid cypress wood and are designed to be exactly what a new colony from a package, swarm, or nucleus hive needs during its first year. These complete hive kits include all the pieces the bees need to live in, including the telescoping cover, inner cover, cypress boxes, grooved top/grooved bottom frames, double wax plastic foundation, entrance reducer, and a screened bottom board.


These bee hives are designed after the Langstroth hive and have all the boxes honey bee colonies need for their brood. It is important to get an additional honey box or medium box for when your bees start to produce excess honey.

Not sure if you should start with 8 or 10-frame equipment? Read our blog on deciding which hive is right for you. Not sure if you should use medium or deep hives? Read our blog on which type of hive to use

Be sure to read our beekeeping blog for more information about what other beekeeping supplies a beginner beekeeper needs to get started.

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