2024 Alabama Nucleus Hive with Bees

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Alabama Nucleus Hive Bees For Sale

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For 2024, we will have our Alabama bees for sale in 8 frame hives with overwintered queens and 5 frame hives with 2023 queens. All of our nucleus hives include bees with Italian genetics, so they are gentle and easy for any beekeeper to manage.
All of our bee nucs for sale come on deep frames, you keep all the equipment included with your nucleus hive, and you can pick them up from our retail store in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.

We organize a bee pickup day on Saturday mornings. You can choose your pickup day and the type of hive you want on this screen.

We will email you details about picking up your bees, so be sure to use the correct email and phone number. If you are a beginner beekeeper, be sure to read our 5 part master guide on getting started with bees.  Or take a look at our entire beekeeping blog for more information on beekeeping.

See our video on how to install a nucleus hive

While picking up your nuc, you can shop in our store and pick up any last minute supplies you need. It's best to have your permanent bee hive ready before picking up your bees. So be sure to shop early for at least these 5 beekeeping supplies you need.

Our 8 frame "nucs" will come with a painted pine, wooden bottom board, 8 frame deep box, 8 deep frames and a migratory cover. These hives will be booming when you get them and can be kept in the 8 frame equipment or moved into 10 frame equipment. These are a step up from the standard 5 frame; available for pickup from Birmingham in earlier than our 5 frame nucs.

Our standard 5 frame nucleus hives come in a temporary pro-nuc plastic hive that is great for transportation. These 5 frame nucs will be available starting in April. 

A nucleus hive is a small colony of honeybees with all the resources needed to start developing into a full-size honey bee colony. A nucleus hive is used by beekeepers to start a new beehive by transferring the frames in the temporary nucleus hive into a permanent wooden hive supplied by the beekeeper. The other option for starting a colony of bees is a package. We do not have package bees for sale. Read about comparing package bees and nucleus hives on our blog.

Alabama Nucleus Hive prices vary by the date they are picked up. The earlier you install a colony of bees in the year, the more likely they will be to make honey and survive their first winter. Our overwintered hives are prime for doing very well and making honey during their first year and are only available in February and March.

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