Tint Plug for Bucket Feeder

$2.00 CAD
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Tint Plug for Beekeeping

When using a bucket bee feeder, it's very helpful to easily open the bucket, fill it with sugar syrup and easily close the bucket. These 2 inch tint plugs are perfect for use when you want to feel confident about flipping a bucket upside down over your honey bees.


These tint plugs will snap into a pre-drilled hole in the lid of a plastic bucket. You can use your buckets or use it with our 1 gallon round bucket or 2 gallon square bucket. Each plug features a pull tab so you can remove the plug and fill through the 2" hole in the lid. When done, the plug can be firmly pressed back into the hole where it will stay in place.


These tint plugs do not come with feeding holes drilled into them. You can poke holes into the plastic plug to fit your needs. More or larger holes will allow your bees more syrup which may be ideal in the spring. In contrast, small holes or fewer holes may be ideal for fall feeding. These holes can be poked or drilled into the cap using a nail or a small drill bit very easily.


The hole size is important to make sure the fit is correct in the lid. You can use a 1 15/16 inch Forstner bit, or adjustable hole saw set to 49-50mm to cut the hole in the pail feeder.


Bucket feeders can be placed over the inner cover and surrounded with an empty hive body box and then covered with a telescoping or migratory outer cover. Or a whole can be drilled in the outer cover, and the bees can feed through this hole.


This particular type of feeding is popular with nucleus hive producers or with sideliner beekeepers and are available by the piece or in bulk.


There are many ways to feed bees, so see our other equipment for feeding bees.