70 mm Mason Canning Jar Lid - Gold

$2.00 CAD

Our one-piece, 70mm (70G-450) continuous thread (CT) gold/white metal plastisol lined caps are compatible with glass containers like Mason, Ball, Kerr, Golden Harvest, and others.


They have a regular-mouth canning lid that fits into a 70g-450 neck. Regular-mouth jars are the most commonly-sized canning jars for honey and other foods and are suitable for most canning purposes.


When the gold metal plastisol-lined caps are put on a compatible 70 mm container and heated, the plastisol liner will solidify, making a seal between the liner and the container.


Button lids have a metal button on the top that is pulled during the heated canning process. No-button canning lids do not have a button and are typically used when not heated during bottling. Both lids will create an airtight seal because of the plastisol liner. 


It fits 8 oz. Mason jars, 16 oz. Mason jars, and 32 oz. Mason jars. In addition to our regular mouth jars, these canning jar lids will also fit other canning jar brands such as Ball, Golden Harvest, Kerr, Atlas, and others.


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